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Concessions Role Description

Thank you for volunteering at our annual Chanhassen Basketball Tournament.  We are grateful for your dedication to our program.  The below is intended to give you an idea of what you can expect during your shift as CONCESSIONS


Upon arrival please find and introduce yourself to the facility Concession Lead

(Please Arrive15 minutes before your shifts starts at your assigned school)


Arriving on time for this position is critical to the success of the Concessions.  This will allow you to ask any questions of the volunteers working the shift before you as well as obtain any necessary training.  This will also ensure that the concession stand is covered during the transition between shifts.  Please use this shift transition time to familiarize yourself with the menu items and their prices. 

As a Concessions team member your goal is to serve the many parents, coaches and players as quickly as possible.  Some activities you can expect to be involved with include:

  •  Preparing Food

  • Serving customers

  • Accepting payment & making change

  • Keeping a cleaning working area

  • Maintaining appropriate funds in cash box and concession items needed

  • Informing & transition to next shift

Other important notes for Concession Staff:

  • Familiarize yourself with Site Concession Leaders, click here

  • To ensure safety, no one under the age of 16 is allowed in the concessions area for any reason

  • Typical concession stand food items will be served; your Concession Coordinator will train you

  • Only work the cash drawer in the concession stand if you are comfortable making change

  • Let your Concession Coordinator know if you need more change in your drawer or concession items

  • Periodically Tournament Banker will stop to collect excess cash from the drawers

  • Do NOT leave your shift until the next shift of volunteers have arrived

  • Check out with the Concession Coordinator before leaving/ending your shift

To begin registration and volunteer shift sign up, click here

If you find yourself unable to fulfill your scheduled shift, we ask that you attempt to find a replacement and contact the Volunteer Director, Rachel Gustad at 952.463.7890, as soon as possible.  For any other volunteer questions contact us at bbballvolunteer@gmail.com.